Inspiring the world,
one bubble tea
at a time!

The Heritage

Passionate purveyors of bubble tea

3 years ago, a seed of an idea was planted, a dream was shared, Pop O’Bob happened.
3 years on, we look back at what we’ve built –
a #CommuniTEA that we’re all proud off today.

Your Bubble Tea
is waiting for you!


Every strong community that ever existed started with sharing. We share experiences. We share moments. We share all good things. We keep sharing things until what we share is the community itself.

#popobob community

One cup,
one #CommuniTEA
at a time

Pop O’Bob community is built on sharing experiences and moments over sipping on the greatest teas, world has to offer. Something so deep and personal, it creates a powerful never ending connection. So instinctive and so yumm all eight billion of us have a place.

A community in common.

#India's best for a reason

the road to
tea communities


We’re glad people made us a part of their lives and we’re sure you’ll notice that we’re so much more than what we brew when you get to see us.


Carfting to perfection

We constantly innovate, experiment the brewing processes which only result in giving our customers the all-time classic experiences.

If Innovation is an art, tea is the medium for us.


Artisanal brewing

Each cup of tea is brewed with perfect balance of artistry and skill using the finest brewing methods. For us, all that matters are the taste, aroma and the experience.


Mixing it up!

Getting together the skill of brewing and mixing into one single concept, our mixing experts at pop o’bob always work on bold flavors and exclusive combinations.


Our CommuniTEA

Every customer who orders at Pop O’Bob becomes our community member and with every new community member, we believe we are promoting a culture that we can all be earnestly proud of while sipping on one of best teas, the world has to offer.

Our partners

was never
so easy.

With a mindful effort to create an accessible customer experience, we have partnered with solution providers to ensure you’re given that convenience you’re looking for! 

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We advocate passionately for inclusion and diversity and believe that everyone should be able to let their skills brew at their place of work.